Download your very own 30-page botanical colouring book showcasing the beautiful Flowers of Scotland. 


 A few years ago when I moved back to Scotland I created this colouring book, at the time no publishers were buying colouring books as there were so many great ones out on the market, so this basically sat in my inbox for a few years. Now as we're all confined to our homes wondering what to do with ourselves, I thought to make this available to everyone and better than that I thought we could give 50% of the proceeds to help our amazing NHS.

So we altered the size of this book to be printed out on A4 paper and will simply email out a digital PDF file you can download then simply open up and print it out and start coloring. ( If you have watercolour paper at home, print it on that and you have your own botanical watercolouring book).

So like most of you sitting at home feeling a bit useless, we can all make a small difference by staying home and colouring knowing that 50% of the proceeds of this book will be donated to our brilliant NHS. Colouring books are a great outlet for stress and mindfulness so please download this book to do something good for our amazing health care system.


Tips for printing- Print on A4 setting and use the best quality of paper you have available. 

If you don't want to use a lot of ink only print the ones with white backgrounds or print out a page at a time.

If you have watercolor paper print it out at 80% opacity that will give you a nice light grey line that you can watercolor over, that way you won't have the thick black line around your flowers.


Please send me a photo of your finish pages and I will upload a gallery for ideas and sharing and all-round beautiful colourful pictures.


Please share and tag people and everything else you can so as many of these can be bought, downloaded and raise money for a very worthwhile cause which is the NHS Charities Together.


Stay Safe everyone and thank you.





Flowers of Scotland A Botantical Colouring Book